A Quick Update on our Ketron SD* “Command” Project

WOW! We were very surprised by the great response we received from everyone regarding our current project. What is that project again? Well, it’s a series of projects, but at the 50,000 ft view, we will be offering information on how to access the various banks and voices on the SD* set of Ketron instruments from an(y) external MIDI capable device.

We are oh so close – yet oh so far away. We found that two of the User Style banks (assuming you own an AJAMSonic unit with the Gold Packs installed) have more than 127 styles in a single bank. We are still working through the “magic” command(s) needed to access the styles that are past that 127 patch boundary.

On a side note – As we work through the above issues we are also updating our Cakewalk *ins file and we also hope to be able to offer a Logic file that will allow you to control you SD40 / SD7 should you use one of those DAW’s

Wait! I own an SD9 / SD60 / SD90 – can you help? Yes, we will be offering the same information for that Ketron SD* series. Stay tuned for more on those release dates.

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Hi Thomas,

Apologies for the delay. Looks like our website stopped notifying us that we had pending comments. I need to check into that issue.

We have been testing most of today and plan to release the IMMusic SD7/SD40 Tech Support Document sometime over this coming weekend.

Note that tab “A” has two purposes. One is to setup arranger “A” and the other is to mute the lead/melody line. Said another way – Two different sysx commands will affect that button.

03 and 05 relate to the SD vs. Audya series although I’ve found in most cases they are interchangeable.

We document some, but not all of the touchscreen commands.

Watch for the release announcement in the next day or two.

with midiox I can see the sysex commands if I press a TAB on SD40. With this information I can control with my software the SD40. That will work. I saw now a big difference in the sysex messages I measured on the device and the sysex you would send.
“TAB A” F0 26 7C 03 67 7F F7 your sysex command
F0 26 7C 05 00 17 7F F7 measured sysex command
The device ID is different once 03 and once 05 what that means?
You will send only one byte as sysexcode with a different number. The measured code is a 2 byte code. Why, could you explain to me please?

I have measured all TAB sysexes on the SD40 an could use them to control the device from my DAW-Software. What I could not find out is how I can send informations that will affect the touchscreen buttons. Like intro and others. Is there a completly list of all sysex commands incl. touchscreen buttons?
Thank you for your work.

Bonjour … je viens de changer mon SD7 CONTRE UN SD9
Je suis enchanté , le SD9 est excellent
Bonne journée …..JEAN PIERRE
Hello … I just changed my SD7 AGAINST AN SD9
I am delighted, the SD9 is excellent
Have a nice day … ..JEAN PIERRE

POINSOT – Congratulations! We use both an SD40 and an SD90, and we prefer the SD90. As you know, basically the same as SD7 and SD9.

As we mentioned above we will be releasing the same information for the SD9/SD60 and SD90 if that is something that you are interested in.

Bonjour … je viens de changer mon SD7 CONTRE UN SD9
Je suis enchanté , le SD9 est excellent
Bonne journée …..JEAN PIERRE

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