Working On A New Tune

We have one tune completed (Jingle Bells) but before we release it, we are waiting on a few of our musical friends to check and re-check the music notation that we plan to release. We are pretty sure it’s correct but we need a few more eyes on it before we publish the final version. That should happen later this week.


In the meantime, we have started to work on the next tune in our “Backing / Play-Along Tracks” series. Wait! What are “Backing / Play-Along Tracks”? Well, they are intended to help you play better but even more important– just to have some fun! Here’s what included in your purchase:

  1. A *.wav file you can listen to with our idea of how the arrangement could be played.
  2. A *.wav file without the melody so you can play along with the “other” tracks we provide.
  3. A *.pdf file of the needed notation, so you can play along with #2 above.

Since we are posting this in the 11/2017 timeframe, for now, we are staying on the holiday theme. Having said that – we are planning to release more tunes in 2018 that follow that same basic idea. Some will be classical, some will be jazz and some will be ??

The next tune planned for a 2017 release is Deck The Hall. In this case, we reached back to a tune that we recorded a number of years ago but –  we are in the process of doing two things:

The first? We need to add the needed notation so you can play along. At the same time, we are re-mixing the tune to use current sample libraries, bringing more realistic tracks for you to play along with.






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