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Ketron Keyboards and Arranger Modules – Yep, we sell them!
Backing / Play-Along Tracks – Just for Fun!
Educational Products – Meant to help improve your playing:
  • Jazz Baroque – Focus Area, Right Hand Dexterity
  • Let’s Go For A Waltz – Focus Area – Eighth and Quarter Note Triplets
  • Double Play – Focus Area – Melody with Both Hands
  • Gone Scaling – Focus Area – Left Hand Finger Dexterity with Scales and Runs
  • Got the Blues? – Focus Area – Swing Eights and Chord Extensions
  • Reverie – Focus Area – Left Hand Patterns
  • Fiesta – Focus Area – Octaves and Triplets
  • Amazing Grace – Focus Area – Time and Key Signatures Changes
Full Arrangements – Just for your Listening Pleasure:
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