The Sonic to Logic Journey #2

We knew this day was coming but didn’t expect it would happen this quickly. We are working on a new project that we plan to release soon and were looking for a couple of ideas. Figured we could dust off a couple of original tunes we recorded a few years ago. Sounds like a great idea except they were all recorded using Sonar. Sure we could have just used Sonar to bring them back to life, but we would prefer to work in Logic and continue to learn more about working in that environment.

It turns out we have quite a few compositions that we are interested in taking a second look at to see if we could reuse the arrangements. Some of them had audio tracks saved in Sonar, so all we had to do was bounce those to a new *.wav file and take a listen. The others were still in MIDI format, and at the time they were recorded, each of the tracks was playing sounds from a Roland Integra7 sound module. Although we still have that Roland module, we don’t have it connected to our Mac.

Here’s what we did:

Using Sonar, we saved the each of the files as a MIDI Format 1 file vs. in the native Sonar project format. With that done we are now able to open each of the MIDI files in Logic and continue to work on it. Rather than re-connect the Roland module we opted to explore some of the sounds in the ESX24 Sampler that ships with Logic. The first step was to assign each track to the ESX24. Next step? Explore the sounds and select one that would work. In some cases, we didn’t find a sound from the ESX24 that worked well. For those tracks, we loaded up Kontakt and went with something from one of our VST libraries. Overall everything worked out well, and we found a couple of ideas that we should be able to use in our current project. Stay tuned for more on that once we get a little closer to a release date.

Here’s a look at the ESX24 loaded up with a Jazz Organ playing on track 6.


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