I Accompany You – Having Fun with Aimee Nolte Music

Aimee Nolte Music

We were lucky enough to find Aimee Nolte Music a few weeks ago. She has a great YouTube channel. Check it out here. Aimee had a great idea the other day and we thought we would take a run at it. She plays the piano part and invites you to play along – So we did! It’s a tune many of you will know – Green Dolphin Street. We decided to do it as a Jazz Trio and added a bass player, some percussion and a Sax for the lead line.

Check it out – Let us know what you think?

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It’s great, sensational, love it & I don’t know how you do it.
Amy is creative and inspirational.

Hi Eric!

Thanks. We also enjoy Aimee’s work. It was great fun adding some tracks and playing along with her.


Wow! You guys win, hands down!
Aimee had a great idea and you came right back with your own – Bandhub on steroids!

Great job all around, So Cool

Hey Mark! Thanks for the kind words. With any luck we will get to do another tune with Aimee sometime in the near future.

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