Fun with VST’s Part 5

We spent most of the last 36-48 hours messing around on the OAX side of this configuration and we are happy to report, we are making progress. Ever so slow, but progress!

Itsy-Bitsy Baby Steps

At this point, we are switching back to our P/C based install of Kontakt to learn more about the Kontakt user interface, Quickload, “Multi’s” and other things that at this point, we don’t even know exist in Kontakt! Yea, we are a little late to the party and we expect most you already know all of that. Once we better understand those options we will be working through the best way to take advantage of those options and how to integrate into our OAX environment.

Most of you have no idea what an “OAX environment” is? The easiest way to think about that? How would you use Kontakt live on stage and have immediate access to whatever sounds you have in Kontakt quickly? We would love to learn more about how you do that… Please post your comments and thoughts.


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