Delete User Content from your Ketron

Wondering how to delete user content you no longer need?

Perhaps you created a user sound a week or two ago that you no longer need. You’ve gone back into the voice edit screen but no delete option! Now what? Just how do you delete user content from your Ketron SD40?

User voices, styles, audio files, etc. are treated as files and all file functions (copy, rename, delete…etc.) are handled from the Media section of your SD40.

Follow these steps instead:

  1. Press the Media button to display the internal storage and other media connected to the device via the USB ports on the side of the unit.
  2. Select the storage device you would like to work with.
  3. Touch Disk Edit to enter the disk editor that will display the copy, delete, rename icons.
  4. Go to the user voice folder.
    1. In our example, we are deleting a user voice.
  5. Go to the subfolder where your user voice resides (for example Piano, Brass, etc.)
  6. Touch the file (voice) you want to delete.
  7. Touch Delete to delete it.
  8. Press Media to get out of media mode.
  9. Touch Disk Edit to get out of the disk editor mode.
  10. If you find the voice still shows up, it will be gone after the next time you power up the unit.

Delete User Content

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