Challenge 8 Released

Challenge 8 Amazing Grace

We are up to Challenge 8 in our Challenge Series. This is the final piece in the series. As with each piece in the series, we have a “Focus Area.” In this piece, we focus on Key and Time signature changes. Along with a couple of key changes, we also go from 3/4 to 4/4 and even 12/8 in our arrangement of this tune to keep things interesting.

We have started to work on a new series that we will be calling “Jazzical.” More on that in an upcoming post. For now, please download, play-along and enjoy Amazing Grace.



Don’t forget to check out the complete Challenge series:

  • Jazz Baroque – Focus Area, Right Hand Dexterity.
  • Let’s Go For A Waltz – Focus Area – Eighth and Quarter Note Triplets.
  • Double Play – Focus Area – Melody with Both Hands.
  • Gone Scaling – Focus Area – Left Hand Finger Dexterity with Scales and Runs.
  • Got the Blues? – Focus Area – Swing Eights and Chord Extensions.
  • Reverie – Focus Area – Left Hand Patterns.
  • Fiesta – Focus Area – Octaves and Triplets.
  • Amazing Grace – Focus Area – Time and Key Signatures Changes.

Here’s a quick look at the included music notation for our final piece:

Challenge 8 Music Demo
Challenge 8 Music Demo

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