Announcing our new Challenge Series

The Challenge Series

Most of the pieces in our Challenge Series have a specific focus point, and all are at the intermediate level. Each piece in the Challenge Series will include both a performance tempo and a practice tempo. Some of the Challenge Series pieces have fingering suggestions to help you along the way. After completing the series, we hope that you find your skills have improved and you have enjoyed playing the music. Watch for a new piece to be released weekly through the end of April.

We are starting off with a piece called Jazz Baroque. Take a listen:



Here’s a little snippet of the music to give you a better idea of what you will be working with. Along with the sheet music (in a PDF file)  your download will also include three audio files:

  1. A complete recording of us playing the tune for your reference.
  2. The complete arrangement “at tempo” minus the left and right-hand parts so you can play along.
  3. The entire arrangement at a slower practice tempo while you learn the arrangement.

IMMusic Challenge Series Music

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