Alternatives to Sonar?

It’s been a couple of weeks since we passed along the news of the demise of Sonar. We all know that Sonar will continue to run “as-is” but eventually, other software you are using, or depend on to run Sonar, will upgrade. Sonar will get further and further behind and could eventually stop functioning. Certainly, there will not be support added for any new h/w or s/w. We have no idea but there is still the option that another company could purchase Sonar and continue it’s development and provide support? That would be our preferred solution.

In the meantime, we learned about two options for “crossgrade” deals. There may be others available? If you know of any please add to the comments section. The first one we ran across is for Mixbus. Looks like they offer two versions of Mixbus. You can find more about their offer at . The other offer that we are aware of is from the folks at Steinberg, the makers of Cubase.

One option we are also considering is moving to Logic Pro X but that also would require picking up a Mac to run it on. A very costly move in time, hardware, and software. For now, waiting to see complete pricing on a new iMac Pro.




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