About Us

Are you looking to take your music to the next level? We can provide a unique musical arrangement or orchestration of your original tune. Contact us to see if we can help make your music sound great or to learn more About Us!

About Us

Jazz, Classical or anything else – We just love to play and listen to music.  Follow along with us on our musical journey as we share songs and music related news.

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Back to a little more About Us. We are just two guys that met up quite a few years ago that have a passion for music and technology. My name is Curt, and I’m the “M” part of IMMusic. Although I can play, I’m much more the tech side of the team. Just about all of the music we release will be from the “I” part of the IMMusic team. That would be Ric, and he is a fabulous musician.

Over the years Curt has owned organs and keyboards from Wurlitzer, Conn, Hammond, Wersi, and Roland. I would consider myself to be a “home musician.” Along the way, Ric and I met up when I went with my Dad to check out a Wersi Organ that you could build from a kit. My Dad was a big fan of Heathkit, and as a kid growing up, I built a few Heathkit projects myself.

Ric’s father, a professional musician, taught Ric both piano and accordion and had him playing engagements at age seven. After attending The College of Performing Arts in Philadelphia, Ric worked for Wersi Keyboards as a concert artist, traveling throughout the U.S. and Europe for twenty-one years. He created MIDI accompaniments for The Willis Music Company and Frederick Harris Music Company. In addition to his private teaching and playing for church, Ric was a concert artist with the Roland Corporation before retiring from the concert scene. His repertoire includes classical, today’s music and his favorites, jazz, and big band music.